Doing Business with Anadarko Mozambique Area 1

AMA1 Supplier Registration

The First Step for suppliers to do business with the Anadarko-led Mozambique LNG project is to register on the AMA1 Supplier Registration System.

Provided by Achilles, the system will:

  • allow suppliers to create a supplier record of basic company information with details of products and services
  • provide suppliers with information on upcoming contract opportunities
  • provide AMA1 with better information on markets and the potential capabilities of suppliers
  • increase transparency, increase competition and reduce duplication for both AMA1 and suppliers

Registration is a mandatory requirement in order to become a potential supplier of goods and services to the Anadarko-led Mozambique LNG Project. There is no charge for suppliers to register with AMA1. 

As part of their registration, suppliers will be required to review our anti-corruption expectations.

Click here to view AMA1's “Anti-Corruption Expectations: Vendors & Suppliers

Interested suppliers should also respond to AMA1 “Expression of Interest” (EOI) advertisements which are posted in Noticias. These are also posted in the section below. EOI will require interested suppliers to register on the AMA1 Supplier Registration System if they are not already registered, thus avoiding duplication in the provision of information. Suppliers should of course ensure that their record is kept up-to-date.


Click here to register on the AMA1 Supplier Registration System

Suppliers considered for pre-qualification may be invited to register further information on the shared East Africa Oil & Gas (EAOG) Community system. This will include in-depth information about Health and Safety, Insurance, Quality Management, due-diligence etc. Suppliers already registered with AMA1 may also elect to register on EAOG of their own accord. EAOG will be available for all large buying organizations in the region, thus reducing duplication, increasing transparency and increasing opportunity for suppliers.

Important Note: In addition to the immediate requirements listed above, Forward Contract Plans can be viewed by suppliers registered in the AMA1 Supplier Registration System, thus allowing suppliers to plan for upcoming work. 

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