Committed to Shared Benefit

The prudent and responsible development of the Mozambique LNG project provides unique opportunities to enhance economic activity and contribute to sustainable national growth.

The revenue from the natural gas resources can be used to generate significant benefits for the country of Mozambique and the nation's citizens, providing opportunities for infrastructure improvements, direct and induced employment, contributions toward poverty alleviation, education and training.

As Mozambique LNG advances one of Africa’s largest projects, it does so with commitment to transform the development of the project into benefits that extend to the lives and economy of Mozambique and its people.

National Content

Image: National Content

The project is committed to maximize national content and requires its contractors, sub­contractors and suppliers to contribute to this aim.

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Environmental & Social Management

Image: Environmental and Social Management

A development of this scale requires a commitment to avoid, mitigate and manage impacts, and optimize positive environmental and social benefits. 

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Social Investment

Image: Social Investment

The Project is committed to supporting socio-economic development and to broadening sustainable socio-economic benefits generated by the project.

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Stakeholder Engagement

Image: Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is central to effectively communicating about project plans, progress, activities, impacts and performance.

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Image: Resettlement

To enable the development of the LNG project, a resettlement process will be undertaken on the Afungi peninsula in the district of Palma.

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Human Rights

Image: Human Rights

The project is dedicated to acting with the highest ethical standards, respecting human rights and complying with all applicable laws. 

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