Community Health Management Plan

To a better understand the context and associated vulnerabilities related to community health in the greater project area and region, a district-wide Health Impact Assessment (HIA) was conducted during 2013. The HIA included an epidemiological baseline health survey and a thorough review of the existing Palma District health systems, infrastructure, and institutional capacity. Information gathered during the HIA helped to support the development of evidence-based management measures that focus on avoiding, reducing and mitigating potential negative health impacts caused by the project or project-related activities.

Expanding on the scope of the initial HIA, the project will be conducting a regional HIA during 2015. The regional HIA will include other regions where the project has a physical presence or where project-associated activities take place, outside of Palma district, such as transport corridors and in focused areas in Pemba and Mocimboa da Praia. 

Information from both the district and regional HIAs will be incorporated into a Community Health Management Plan. This Plan will take into account the prevailing health status of communities in the project area, as well as communities in areas where the project has a direct or indirect presence, describe the potential impacts of the project on these communities, and detail mitigation measures to address the effect of potential negative health impacts. Measures that can enhance positive health impacts arising from the project's presence will also be detailed.