Human Rights

Our Commitment

The project abides by Anadarko Petroleum Corporation’s Core Values and Approach to Human Rights, which embodies the commitment to conduct business with the highest ethical standards. Even so, the project recognizes that operations may have a potential impact on the human rights of its stakeholders. Project plans and implementation strategies are designed to avoid causing or contributing to negative human rights impacts, and to address such impacts if they occur.

The project conducted a due diligence process in which potential risks to human rights were identified.  The process also included setting up measures to manage those risks.

Human Rights Reflected in our Work

Sector-specific human rights standards are integrated across the project’s policies and activities, from its Employee Code of Conduct to its stakeholder engagement activities. In particular:

  • The project does not tolerate any form of discrimination;
  • In the event of any offending behavior or actions, employees are able to report their concerns;
  • The community grievance mechanism provides affected stakeholders with access to a fair and transparent mechanism for making a complaint and obtaining redress or seeking resolution of any dispute that may arise due to project activities, without cost or fear of reprisal. The mechanism is not intended to prejudice a complainant’s recourse to outside judicial or administrative remedies at any time.
  • The project monitors its contractors and suppliers to ensure that these operate in a responsible and sustainable manner;
  • Project security is aligned with international best practice guidelines, including avoiding the use of excessive force.