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Creating Local Opportunities

The participation of a Mozambican workforce, procurement of local goods and services, technology, capital and research capability is integral to the successful development and operation of the Mozambique LNG project. Moreover, the development of the Mozambique LNG project offers a catalyst opportunity for national content development.

The project is committed to maximize national content and requires its contractors, sub­contractors and suppliers to contribute to this aim.

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The vision of the project for national content is to promote long-term phase-on-phase capital investments in field development, onshore LNG facilities and infrastructure and associated mid- and down-stream industries.

The project aims to promote cumulative operational investment in gas production and processing, and the opportunity it offers to gradually build a sustainable, skilled national workforce and a capable local supplier industry in Mozambique.

Economic opportunities brought about by national content development will, as far as possible, be directed to the districts of Palma and Mocimboa da Praia and Cabo Delgado province, and otherwise across Mozambique. The intent is to increase national content with each new phase of the development of the LNG facilities.


The project’s National Content Strategy is consistent with the national petroleum sector's established regulatory framework for national content. The ethos of the National Content Strategy finds expression in three commitments:

  1. Employment of Mozambican citizens with appropriate qualifications at all levels of its organization or as sub-contractors;
  2. Development and implementation of effective training programs for Mozambican employees in each phase and level of operations in Mozambique or overseas;
  3. Preferential purchasing of local goods and services when internationally comparable in terms of quality, availability, quantity and price.

The strategy defines the overarching terms whereby the project will contribute to the development and attainment of a sustainable industrial database in each of the different phases of the project, with a strong emphasis on training and capacity development through small-and medium-enterprise (SME) development.

Local Stories

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Anadarko and the participants of Area 1 are committeed maximizing national content throughout the project's lifecycle. 

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Role During Contract Award

National content has played a critical role in the selection of the LNG engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract. As part of the competitive bid for the EPC award, bidding contractors were required to provide a forecast of national content levels , as well as a comprehensive National Content Plan.

The EPC National Content Plan provides details of the engineering, procurement and construction strategies, local skills and vendor development programs, and the investments in capital assets to enable the national content forecast levels to be achieved.

The plan includes detailed information on:

  • Investments in fixed assets in Mozambique
  • Nationals in the workforce
  • A national recruitment and training program
  • Procurement of goods and services from third-party local suppliers
  • Development of Mozambican-owned partners and suppliers
  • National training, education and research
  • Actual value contributed to the national economy