Approach to Resettlement

To enable the development of the LNG project, a resettlement process will be undertaken on the Afungi peninsula in the district of Palma, the site where the project intends to construct the LNG park. Comprehensive planning, open communication and consultation underpin the project’s resettlement approach.

The project's Resettlement Commitments articulate how we intend to develop and deliver resettlement in a way that enables people who experience physical or economic displacement as a result of project activities, the opportunity to restore and in many cases improve their livelihoods and standard of living. The Resettlement Commitments are based on Mozambican legislation and international best practice standards and guidelines

Image: Resettlement Consultation

What is Resettlement?

For the project, resettlement refers to a participatory process of learning about project-affected people’s socio-cultural and economic status, their property and use of natural resources, providing compensation for losses caused by project activities, relocating people, replacing their houses and structures, restoring their livelihoods and promoting their integration into the local social economy as a development program.

Read more about the project’s resettlement process or download the community brochure explaining the resettlement process.

Why is Resettlement Necessary?

An LNG processing plant, such as the proposed Afungi LNG park, requires a large area of land for the safe construction of the onshore and near shore LNG components. Once the construction phase of the project commences, it will also mark the beginning of industrial scale land clearance, excavations and earth moving activities.

The project’s health and safety standards, guided by international health and safety guidelines and industry good practice, indicate that the nature and scale of construction activities will not allow for communities to remain and continue their subsistence livelihoods in close proximity to the LNG processing plant. As a precautionary safety measure, project-affected communities in the project Industrial Zone will need to be resettled. 

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