Mozambique Legislation

Applicable Mozambican legislation and international best practice standards and guidelines that are followed during the resettlement process include:

  • The Constitution of the Republic of Mozambique, 22 December 2004; 
  • The Environmental Legal Framework (Law 20/1997, Decree 45/2004), especially the Environmental Regulations for Petroleum Operations (Decree No. 56/2010, of 22 November); 
  • The Territorial Planning Legal Framework (Law 19/2007, Decree 23/2008, Ministerial Diploma 181/2010), especially the Regulation on the Process of Resettlement Resulting from Economic Activities (Decree No. 31/2012, of 8 August); 
  • The Land Law (Law No. 19/97 of 1 October) and the Land Law Regulations (Decree No. 66/98, of 8 December) as amended by Decree No. 1/2003, of 18 February; 
  • The Law on the Protection of Cultural Heritage (Law No. 10/88, of 22 December) and the Regulation for the Protection of Archaeological Heritage (Decree No. 27/94, of 20 July); 
  • International Finance Corporation (IFC) guidelines and standards; 

Customary Law (norms and practices) of the affected communities.