Social Investment

Focused on Sustainable Benefits

Mozambique LNG is committed to supporting socio-economic development and to broadening sustainable socio-economic benefits generated by the project. The project's corporate social commitment has been developed into a Social Investment Strategy that is aligned with the development priorities identified in Mozambique's Action Plan for the Reduction of Absolute Poverty (PARP), the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, and the project-identified Social Impact Assessment. The project implements its Social Investment Strategy in collaboration and with support of the Government of Mozambique, NGOs, development organizations and other stakeholders.

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The strategy focuses on three areas for investment:

  • Health – Investing in programs focused on ensuring the health of our workforce and improving the health of surrounding communities
  • Education and Capacity Building – Advancing programs to develop skills and knowledge to empower local citizens
  • Environment – Taking action to preserve the natural environment and enhance the business environment

The Social Investment Strategy is implemented through three coordinated programs, which focus on well-defined projects in the three focus areas for investment.

  • Community Investment Programs Support and provide opportunities for livelihood sustainability among communities inside and outside the project site on the the Afungi peninsula, Palma town, as well as some benefits to the wider District of Palma. Beneficiary communities participate in defining, developing and implementing the most appropriate community investment programs to address their needs and will also participate in evaluating and monitoring the success of the investment programs.
  • Regional Development Initiatives – Aim to broaden socio-economic benefits generated by the project, addressing national and provincial strategic development objectives as part of long-term, multi­year projects.  Regional Development Initiatives are implemented as a collaborative effort between NGOs, the Government of Mozambique, the project and communities.
  • Philanthropy – Aim to reciprocate the goodwill the project experiences from its stakeholders by investing in shorter-term or specific social investments across Mozambique. 

Collectively, the project's social programs aim to have lasting benefits while at the same time encouraging beneficiaries to become independent and self-sufficient. 

Community Investment 

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Our community investment programs target project-affected communities in Palma district.

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Regional Development 

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Our regional development programs broaden benefits to Cabo Delgado and Maputo.

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Our philanthropy projects span our project footprint areas and elsewhere in Mozambique.

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