Community Investment Programs

Enhancing Health Awareness 

A community health awareness campaign was rolled out in ten Palma district communities. The implementing partner, the NGO Food for Hungry, applied the proven Care Group model to encourage positive behaviors at the household level among pregnant women and mothers of children under the age of five. Care Groups work through the involvement of volunteer “mother leaders” who receive training and then pass on their knowledge to neighborhood women.

Thirty Care Groups were established and positive health behavior change facilitated through home visits, theatre presentations, pictorial educational materials and mother leader presentations at community and leadership meetings. More than 3,000 women benefitted from the campaign. The response from the Care Groups was positive, and the project established an entry point for future health initiatives around prevention and treatment of bilharzia, diarrheal diseases and HIV and sexually transmitted infections.


Promoting Reading in Mozambique

Anadarko Mozambique Area 1 (AMA1) teamed up with the Mozambican Ministry of Education and Human Development and the Canadian non-governmental organization, CODE, to further develop educators in Cabo Delgado and three other provinces in the east African nation.

Our support for The Better Education Through Teacher Training and Empowerment for Results (BETTER) Project funded a two-day workshop with content and language specialists to develop high-quality concept books and supplementary materials.

The Institute of Teachers Training workshop served as a forum for about 50 educators, publishers, writers and illustrators to identify culture specificities from each of the target provinces, like gender equality and safe schooling environments, and incorporate them into the publications.

The Partnership's involvement will help print more than 60,000 copies in six different languages of the publication to further promote reading interests and an overall culture of reading in Mozambique.

The Mozambican areas of Niassa, Tete and Maputo are also set to benefit from this project, which is being implemented by Mozambican NGO, Associação Progresso.  

CODE focuses on advancing literacy and education in some of the world's regions in greatest need. The organization trains teachers and librarians, develops and publishes locally-authored and designed children's books, and helps to fill the library shelves to improve children's literacy in countries like Mozambique.


Image: Community Health Awareness