Recent Examples of Community Support

  • Anadarko and its Area 1 co-venturers supported a kindergarten serving disadvantaged children in Pemba. Contributions included playground facilities, toys and the construction of a perimeter fence for safety.
  • Anadarko and its Area 1 co-venturers donated equipment, including a water pump, computer, agricultural tools and a sewing machine to an orphanage serving 100 young girls in Maputo.
  • Anadarko commemorated World Environment Day on the Afungi peninsula with a village clean-up and the provision of Q drums for water collection.
  • In response to flooding in 2015 in Cabo Delgado, Anadarko and the Area 1 participants donated water purification supplies, school materials and seeds for replanting in collaboration with the Pemba Department of Health and the National Institute for the Management of Disasters – Instituto Nacional de Gestão das Calamidades (INGC).
  • In Palma district, where malaria is the leading cause of death, especially among children, World Malaria Day was marked by a collaborative effort between the Palma District Directorate of Health (DDS), communities in the district and Anadarko and the Area 1 participants, to “Invest in the Future – Defeat Malaria.” The Palma DDS organized sports events, a voluntary rapid malaria test and a quiz about malaria prevention to sensitize and help raise awareness about malaria prevention among community members.
  • In response to Cyclone Hellen’s impact on Mozambique in the spring of 2014, Anadarko, in coordination with the National Institute for the Management of Disasters – Instituto Nacional de Gestão das Calamidades (INGC), provided funding for the purchase and distribution of hygiene kits and 25,000 sand bags in addition to food, water purification systems and building supplies.
  • Following severe flooding in Mozambique in 2013, Anadarko donated funds to Save the Children to fund emergency shelter materials, hygiene kits, household materials, water-well repair and sanitation training. A similar donation was made in 2015 for emergency relief after flooding in Zambezia province.
  • Anadarko and the Area 1 participants supported technical and vocational education and training in Palma district with the provision of vocational tools for use by 150 local youths.
  • The project celebrated International Children’s Day with games and donations of school supplies in Palma, Mocimboa da Praia and Pemba.

Image: Philanthropy