The Project

The Project

A Cleaner Source of Energy for the World

Mozambique LNG is emerging as a future leader in the global LNG industry as it works to develop an LNG facility on the Afungi peninsula in Cabo Delgado province. With approximately 75 trillion cubic feet of recoverable natural gas discovered in the Offshore Area 1, the Mozambique LNG Project represents an extraordinary opportunity to meet increasing world demand for a sustainable, reliable and cleaner source of energy.

Mozambique's favorable central geographic location means the country is well positioned to meet the needs of customers in the Atlantic and Asia-Pacific markets, and to tap into the growing demand for energy in the Middle East and Indian sub-continent. Total and the other participants in Mozambique LNG are committed to working collaboratively with Mozambican communities and government officials to safely develop these natural gas resources in a manner that protects the environment, encourages additional foreign investment and contributes to the long-term economic stability of the region. 

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The Resource

Since 2010, approximately 75 Tcf of recoverable natural gas resources have been discovered in the Offshore Area 1 of the deepwater Rovuma Basin.

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Safe, Secure & Reliable Energy

The LNG industry is recognized for its excellent safety record and is continuously working to further improve safety and  security. 

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Once a successful well has been drilled and commercial quantities of natural gas have been confirmed through appraisal activities, the development phase can begin. 

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Participants in Area 1 include national oil companies, one of the world's largest exploration and production companies and one of Japan's largest companies.

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